To be able to focus on the growth and success of your company, you will typically need to hire a recruiting and retention team directly. By outsourcing this process to 5Talents, then you can save on salary expenses as well as still having a dedicated team assigned to this facet of the company.

Online and digital recruiting and the being used is changing daily. Facebook and Google change their algorithm and then the next thing you know, no organic reach. You are now having to pay for people to even be shown your ad☹

Having experience and utilizing these platforms (and many others) has allowed us to figure out what works. We have a wide funnel and post to as many platforms as possible while generating leads in other ways and then communicating with each applicant as the apply to get them in for interviews as soon as possible.

Many things contribute to the success of your post and the ad spend. We suggest the following:

  • Attractive Title
  • Short and “To the Point” Job Description
  • Tell Your Story
  • Create a Call to Action
  • Revise and Adapt Quickly, If No Response

These are just a few reasons and things we have learned about recruiting and ways that we could help serve you!

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